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The founding members of the company known today as IHE (International Heat Exchange Inc.) started in this industry in 1978.  In 1991 that journey began to take its on current form and Heat Exchange was born.  Since that day IHE has evolved from a strategic national business leader into the trade authority and the preeminent global player in THERMAL APPLICATIONS and solutions it is today.  When manufacturing, research or other industrial companies need answers and a lasting blueprint to succeed in (SPF) Superplastic Forming, Diffusion Bonding and other THERMAL APPLICATION (up to 2,200˚F), IHE is who they call.  IHE has worked tirelessly to forge an unmatched reputation for industry knowledge, experience, dedication, first class customer service and consistent results.  Our global client driven formula will help you engineer the THERMAL APPLICATION and PROCESS products, services and answers you need today and for decades to come.


IHE is dedicated to providing the best answer in INDUSTRIAL HEATING and TEMPERATURE CONTROL devices for your THERMAL APPLICATION.  From single INDUSTRIAL HEATER requirements to more complicated multiple zone INDUSTRIAL HEATING systems found in aircraft and manufacturing industries, IHE is your INDUSTRIAL HEATER source.


IHE provides complete design, engineering and fabrication for turnkey results.


Our clients count on us to provide them with the best THERMAL APPLICATION and PROCESS products and services, so they can remain industry leaders in tomorrow's world.


CONTACT US today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.