Temperature Controllers, Process Controllers & Control System Options & Descriptions

Basics information and general considerations when choosing the correct TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS



To achieve the most accurate controls of any process temperature without having to utilize immediate and constant operator involvement, industrial thermal processes rely upon a controller or a series of controllers. The controller unit receives inputs from temperature sensors such as THERMCOUPLES, RTD's or from a less conventional temperature sensor like an infrared temperature sensor. Controllers send electrical signals via current or voltage into a power switch device which can be a simple relay, a solid state relay or a SCR (Silicone Controlled Rectifier).


While a vital part of the complete system, the temperature controller is just a single part of the entire control system.  Proper product selection is ideal to maximize the effectiveness of your thermal application or process.


The basic types of temperature controllers are:


    On / Off controller with a setpoint for on and off functions. This type of controller is basic and works well if and when the process temperature is not very critical and/or when working with larger masses to be heated.


 Microprocessor controllers or PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controls are a generic terms for a control feedback mechanisms that are widely used in many thermal control systems.  A PID controller constantly monitor and adjusts the to correct the error between the currently measured process temperature and the  desired setpoint.  A PID controller is constantly doing calculations and then making adjustment by outputting a corrective action that can adjust the process accordingly.


These very popular controllers provide a proportional temperature control combined with integral and derivative temperature control.




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