Thermocouple Options & Descriptions

Temperature Measuring in Industrial Applications



Thermocouples are sensors with two dissimilar wires so joined as to produce a thermally generated mini-voltage when its joint ends are exposed to the process temperature. Thermocouples have normally standard lead wires of 12 inches but can also be ordered with longer lead wires.


The temperature of an object can be measured by direct contact or indirectly by measuring the emitted energy of the object with non-contact infrared sensor.


THERMOCOUPLES can measure the widest temperature span,  RTD are very repeatable and accurate and Thermistors are the most accurate but for only a limited temperature span.


    Almost as important as which kind of sensor is chosen is the temperature sensor placement.  The placement of the contact sensor is important with regards to temperature control.  If the heat source, the material to be heated and the sensor can be placed within closed proximity to each other, a high degree of accuracy can be achieved.


If the heat demand is steady, the sensor can be placed very close to the heat source.


If the heat demand is variable, placing the sensor near the source will enable it to sense the  temperature change quicker. However, because of the increase in thermal lag between the heater and the sensor, more overshoot and undershoot can occur, causing a greater gap between the maximum and minimum desired operational temperature. This spread can be reduced and controller  by adapting the parameters with the right PID controller.



The advantages of thermocouples are like self powered, simple, inexpensive and useful for wide temperature ranges often times overcome the disadvantages like non-linear, least sensitive and least stable.


High temperature thermocouples are defined as sensors used at temperatures of 2000°F and beyond. These sensors are generally made from noble metals or ceramics.



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