Thermal Consultation

When companies need the best information, guidance and solutions for their THERMAL APPLICATION and THERMAL PROCESSES, they come to IHE; the industry leader.  IHE is know throughout the globe for its decades of service as the preeminent source for the best industry solutions in THERMAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING.  No job is too big or small.  We have the resources and expertise to provide you with THERMAL APPLICATION or THERMAL PROCESS support on anything ranging from a single job or even a single specific job phase all the way up to support for your entire THERMAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING needs for days, weeks, months, and years to come.  We are dedicated to helping guide you to your best possible outcome.  We can help you design and implement a new THERMAL PROCESS or THERMAL APPLICATION, update an old one, or improve the performance of a current project.  Do you need new, replacement INDUSTRIAL HEATERS, or an entirely different type of INDUSTRIAL HEATER, new THERMOCOUPLES, modern TEMPERATURE or PROCESS CONTROLLERS, with greater function and control, entirely new PLATENS, DIES or TOOLS, or just need to retrofit or make slight adjustments to your existing manufacturing method?  Let us know about the THERMAL APPLICATION or PROCESS you working on and how we can assist you to take you project to the next level.  CONTACT US today!

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