Thermal Design & Engineering


platen blueprint, cad drawing/design #2
platen blueprint, cad drawing/design

Process Designs:

INDUSTRIAL HEATING and TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS are designed to integrate within the processes. TEMPERATURE AND PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS are engineered based on a evaluation of the heating processes and the heating requirements. INDUSTRIAL HEATER sizes, heater types, heater locations, sensor types and sensor locations are established along with determining heat zones to balance temperatures.

Heating Systems:

The INDUSTRIAL HEATING system is made from a collection of INDUSTRIAL HEATERS and TEMPERATURE SENSING DEVICES (THERMOCOUPLES, RTD's, etc.) within a system that is engineered to distribute heat and to measure the temperature in the process.  Wiring considerations for removal and ease of maintenance are built within the design.

Temperature Control Systems:

A fully contained TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM is designed to measure, control, respond and distribute power to the heating system. TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS provide logic to the controller logic to manage the required heating cycles within the process.  Many TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER options are available along with other options such as temperature recording and computer interfacing.


Individual Industrial Heating and Processing Components or Complete Heating Systems:

We are experts in designing and manufacturing individual components, as well as complete TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS.  Whether you need an individual INDUSTRIAL HEATER, or TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, or a complete TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM, PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM, PLATEN, DIE, and/or TOOL, or any other INDUSTRIAL HEATING SOLUTION, we have you covered from start to finish.

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